Thunder Game

Week 2: Construct and Support an Argument

      When people think of higher education, thoughts of late night studying, stress, and repeated trips to the library all come to mind. Although all the above might be true, I wanted to revisit the notion of acquiring a master’s in business administration for the achievement, prestige, better job opportunities, and bigger income potential. Though it’s easier to suggest that none of those things are guaranteed, I’d like to think that it definitely gives me a better chance to achieve those objectives with an MBA than without.
At this time, I am unemployed and have struggled since graduating in December of 2007 to find full-time employment. The economy is obviously in a downward spiral, as noted by almost every economist we’ve heard from in the United States. This made the decision to return to school and pursue a higher education much easier. I spent almost a year in the killing fields trying to acquire employment and it didn’t work out. I can still send resumes and if I get a job, excellent, if not then at least I’ll be spending some of that time inching closer to the completion of an MBA in technology management and making me and my resumes a more attractive commodity in the very near future.
While I do have other projects I’m working on that I can only hope bring in the kind of income I strive for, they are by no means a guarantee in life. I enjoy writing screenplays and have been contracted to write some, I even have two short films that I wrote being produced in the east coast and will be out on DVD later this year, but again, they by no means can solidify my future in the entertainment industry. As I weighed my options, which were waiting on external forces to please me, or to go out and take control of my destiny and make things happen on my own, I found the latter of the two more appealing and far more efficient. I’d still love be able to do my first love, which is writing screenplays, I realize I can no...