How Analytic Is Cat? Select One Analytic Model and Discuss and Evaluate What Contribution It Offers to Cat, Where It Differs from Cat and How Cat Reinterprets and Integrates It Into Cat Theory and Practice

Topic:   How Analytic is CAT? Select one Analytic Model and discuss and evaluate what contribution it offers to CAT, where it differs from CAT and how CAT reinterprets and integrates it into CAT theory and practice

Cognitive Analytic Therapy

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Cognitive Analytic Therapy

Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) works on reflecting with the client how she/he can understand why things went wrong in the past, and how client can be guided so that things will not go wrong in the future. This therapy seeks to apply the step by step approach of cognitive therapy – developed by Anthony Ryle, in the 1970’s Anthony Ryle used his background as a GP and work experience as a Consultant Psychotherapist to develop this mode of therapy (Christine, Lifecoach).
CAT focuses on the why emotional or psychological problems have occurred and to do this the therapist guides the client back to his her childhood where the root incident occurred that has resulted in manifestation of current problem.   After eliciting the root cause then the therapist examines how the client has learned to cope with the problem and how effective is the coping mechanism. The final step is guidance of the therapist to help improve the client’s method of coping. A typical therapy includes 5 to 22 sessions and often includes both oral and written work which is shared face to face with the client. The close of therapy typically involves good bye letters to signify formal termination of the treatment process. CAT can help in a variety of disorders like; anxiety, depression, relationship problems etc. (Christine, Lifecoach).
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According to official association for CAT website CAT therapy involves working together of client with the therapist to what has caused blockages in the past, so that using reflection from the past future and present problems of similar nature can be redressed and avoided. CAT therapy looks towards the past to answer today’s’ pertinent...