Academic Skills Essay - Skills Needed in Order to Succeed in a Degree

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                “Good students are made, not born”
                                                                    (Burns, T. & Sinfield, S. (2008) Essential Study Skills)
Everyone can learn to be a good student. Some people think it will come naturally, but the
principles of using academic skills efficiently is what makes you a good or better student. In
this assignment, we will contemplate the academic skills we need to develop in order to
succeed in our degree and analyse which of these are particularly important in a group
research project such as the one I have carried out lately. On an other hand, I will critically
reflect on the various skills I have improved during my participation in this group project
and make a summary of what I discovered about the particular issue I’ve been investigating.

As I said above, “good students are made, not born”. Academic skills and practices can help
us all to be an effective learner and develop the research skills that will help us to be more
successful when studying. What do I want from academic skills is to be taught effective
strategies, skills, and techniques to enable me to listen, note-take, read write and present
concise assignments using the gathered information. Learning techniques require a person to
follow steps of gathering information, recording them, organising them, making sense of
them, remembering them and using them in presentation or essays etc. First of all, the first
thing is to recognize our own motivation to learn. What is going to motivate me to succeed in
my   course ? How to Succeed at University’s booklet says that succeeding in high education
also requires us to visualise ourselves in the future : it require us holding onto our dream.
How to learn effectively is one of the main key to succeed on a course. Organisation is a skill
which is...