Baby Maasage


Q1: In Your Own Words

A: Describe Five Benefits of Massage for the Baby.

  1. There are many physiological benefits of baby massage, which are well documented they include;
            • Improved & increased circulation
            • Improved flexibility & muscle tone
            • Improved skin condition
            • Improved   immune system functioning
            • Aided respiratory function via the loosening of mucus
            • Stimulation of the senses
            • Increased production of Oxytocin; the hormone associated with bonding & love
            • Pain relief   due to endorphin production
            • Prevention of flat head syndrome by encouraging carers to place babies on their fronts

  2. Baby massage is also proven to reduce the incidence of colic in babies. The abdominal massage strokes regulate and strengthen the baby’s digestive system; this alleviates wind & constipation, factors that can cause the symptoms of colic. The soothing and calming nature of massage also helps to calm babies preventing them from becoming stressed and anxious through over stimulation at busy times of the day. Reductions in stress & anxiety will lessen the likelihood of a bout of colic occurring. However massage should be used as a preventative measure, to prempt a colic episode, not during an episode of colic. Carers should take their cues from their baby and practice massage upon them only when their baby displays positive cues that they are happy to be massaged.

  3. Baby massage also supports babies personal, social and emotional development by
            • Giving them an understanding that they can communicate and express their feelings and wishes and that when they do they will be listened to, understood and acted upon – this is done by letting the baby lead the massage by acting upon the positive and negative cues the baby communicates about whether or not they wish to engage in massage
            • Developing babies...