Genetically Enhanced Babies

 Curing disease is a potential act of greatness; saving a life, by eliminating a deadly killing factor is not at all in the least an insult to democracy.   Pre-mature illnesses such as "spinal muscular atrophy"( have a reputation, as a disease children are diagnosed with through the genetics they're born with; that kills children at an extremely young age.   Physicians have learnt how to decontaminate the specific gene that causes a life threatening disease, such as, "spinal muscular atrophey.
A physician working for The Fertility Institute discovered how to save children who had a strong chance of being born with the "genetic disorder"(spinal muscular trophy).   Dr. Hughes uses a new modern technology called embryo screening, or PGD(pre-implantation genetic diagnosis).   With this technology Dr. Hughes can identify which embryos are contaminated with disease, and which are disease-free. Then Dr. Hughes would use IVF (InVitro Fertilization); a procedure which fertilizes the females egg with a sperm cell.   However, the egg is not fertilized in the woman's body, but yet inside a scientific laboratory.( This procedure has the potential to prohibit a gene, or cell that is contaminated with disease.   Hence the egg which then evolves into a womb is free of contaminated genes, when the child is born he, and his family will not have to live with the fact that his life will end extremely short.   Thomas Hobbes argues that every single human being dreads death.   Now human civilization is a step ahead, human beings have developed a practical method in accordance to producing, a cure for death causing diseases.

Anticipating Thomas Hobbes he would probably agree genetically enhancing babies scientifically using a practical method is an act of appetite and aversion.   Simply that it is an aversion of human nature to dislike...