Babe Ruth

John Torlay
Austin Clark Babe Ruth

The reason I picked Babe Ruth was because he is and forever will be my idol to be the best baseball hitter in the world. I also picked him because he was a well known baseball player who I know a lot of information on. He played professional baseball, an all American sport, which is an inspiration to me.

George Herman Ruth was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1895. At a young age his mom died.
His dad dropped him off at St. Mary's School because his dad couldn't handle 7 children.
He got close to a Brother at that school and he taught George how to play baseball. At
the age of nineteen a scout from the Baltimore Orioles came and saw George hitting a lot
of homeruns. Later that day the scout asked him if he wanted a contract with the Baltimore
Orioles. George said alright. The manager brought him to next practice and one of the
players said,"hey coach is that your new babe," and the nickname stuck.

Babe played with the Orioles for 1 year until the Boston Redsox gave him a better paying
salary. Four years later he was sold to the Yankees for a lot of money. In 1961 Hank Aaron beat
Babe Ruth's record of 714 homeruns. Babe Ruth retired in 1935 for the Boston Braves. He died
of tonsil cancer because he always chewed tobacco in 1948 in New York. His casket was set
outside Yankee stadium for 2 days and in that time over 100,000 people paid their respects.

        In conclusion, George Herman Ruth was a legendary baseball player, who is an idol to many, and touched many people‚Äôs hearts.