Community Member

I think that I have a lot to bring to the community. I’ll bring a good attitude, friendship, hard work, some comedy, support and if needed some tender love and care love. I would pretty much do anything for this community if it meant pushing in in the right way or keeping it from straying. Now I will be honest I’m not the hardest working person in the community, I am defiantly not the strongest or toughest in it either, but I think I can and actually do still contribute. I think that I have helped the community by helping our schools teams win and look good on away trips, and the most I think I’ve helped was when I helped couched Babe Ruth.
Some of the volunteer work I did was probably some of the biggest impacts that I have made. I think that when I refereed those games I helped in the community in a couple ways. First I said the league money by them not having to pay people. The second way I think I help was by teaching the kids some stuff. I talked to them about call and showed them some stuff after the games.
To be a good citizen, I think you have to pretty much love the community that you are surrounded by or at least contribute to it whenever possible even if it’s in a small way. I also think that if you’re going to be a good citizen that you are going to treat people and there things with respect, even those who you may not like. I honestly do think that I am even that great of a citizen. I think there is a lot more that I could do but at least I do help a little when I can. I think that if there were more good citizens in this town that it could be truly great. I do think that when I get older and come back after I leave for college that I will be a way better citizen to this town.
To be a responsible citizen, I think that it would help tremendously to know what your role in the community is. Being a responsible citizen covers many areas, some of them lie in the legal department, some in the social one. There are many more as well. Because not all of...