Ba645 Project Management Essentials

Class: BA645 Project Management Essentials
Instructor: Clifton D. James
Assignment: Review questions page 32 Project Management in Practice

1. Use the characteristics of a project to differentiate it from a non-project.

A project has a beginning and an end. Projects are unique, specific, have a deliverable, and due date. The implementation of a new accounting system is a project. Daily reports that come out of the accounting system are non-projects.

2. Contrast win-lose negotiation with a win-win negotiation and explain why the latter is so important in project management.

There is no real winner in a win-lose negotiation of a project. One of the parties may have gotten what they wanted but a win-lose does nothing but jeopardize current relations and future relations. A project manger must always strive for a win-win negotiation.   Both parties leave the negotiations with a positive outcome and allow open discussion in future projects.   The book focuses on a win-win negotiation within the organization but the project manger should also strive for win-win negotiations with contractors. Searching for the "third alternative" should always be utilized within the organization and outside the organization.

3. Identify the three goals of a project and describe how the project manager achieves them. What does it mean for a project to be "over determined?"

Completing the project on schedule or ahead of schedule, at or below budget and meeting or exceeding the client's needs are the three goals of a project. You must find a balance between these three goals because you may have to increase the budget in order to complete the on time. If your goals are too rigid it will not allow for a balance between your 3 goals and your project becomes "over determined."

4. Contrast the two types of project life cycles and discuss why it is important to know which type the current project is following.

S and J are the two types of project life cycles. S...