Autism Unit Level 3 Qcf

UNIT 4222-378

Outcome 1:


Autism is a developmental disability. This means that it arises in infancy or early childhood, and results in the delayed development of abilities such as language and play with others. Autism affects every aspect of an individual for the entire length of their life, especially their communication, social interaction, ways of thinking and behaving and their senses.
It is also important to remember that each person with autism is an individual, having their own personality, their own family and community culture. In order to be truly person centered we need to be aware of every aspect of who they are and learn to value what is important to them, no matter how strange or unusual it may be to us. One person I know who has autism has an interest in a cartoon and likes to talk about the different characters that appear in the cartoon. Being able to both listen and share in this interest is a key way of giving this person both respect and acceptance. This is equally true for someone with more severe learning disabilities and autism who may enjoy more than anything else sifting sand. Not only is it important to allow this to happen and encourage what they enjoy to really show a sense of value, it is also worth sharing the experience. This may sound a little strange, and of course we should not just leave an individual sifting sand all day, but there is something about valuing what they value if we are to be person centered.
                                  Social Communication

Social Interaction                                   Social Imagination

Social Communication
Individuals with severe autism may never develop any speech whilst those with Asperger Syndrome may speak fluently, using full sentences. For all people on the spectrum it is the ability to use their communication skills that is impaired. Individuals may experience...