Unit 522

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Qualification/unit   Level 5 Diploma Leadership Health & Social Care

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Unit(s) | Learning outcome(s) | Assessment criteria | EvidenceFacilitate Coaching and Mentoring in Health & Social Care |
| | | When I have analysed the scope and purpose of professional supervision I have become aware that as a care worker and / or manager in either role I am responsible for providing a safe, knowledgeable, quality, value service to our clients. In order for us to be able to do this I have to as the manager / supervisor ensure that the staff are able to meet the expected standards not only to fulfil the expectations of their job role within my company but also to meet the relevant standards that are required for us to remain compliant with the Care Quality Commission.   I have policies and procedures in place that are relevant to the job role and that are there to ensure that we are compliant.   These policies and procedures are in place to ensure that staff are carrying out their roles safely and to the standards expected.As an employer I am aware that it is my responsibility to support effective practice and good conduct and support staff to recognise and deficiencies in their performance and to heed and take note of any concerns or issues that themselves may raise with regards to their job roles as they may have concerns about tasks that they are expected to carry out.I believe that supervision is a process that enables the staff to develop whilst I support them to do so, I have studied the...