Augustus Caesar

Augustus Caesar Reign
Reign of the first emperor.1 Gaius Octavian Caesar Augustus is considered to be the
first roman emperor which he ruled for 41 years until his death. He was born on 23 of
September 63 B.C. and died the 19 of August 14 AD. I believe that Augustus Caesar is
one of the best roman emperor that has ever lived. First of all, he was able to become
the sole emperor of Rome. Second, he restored the Roman Republic with the
govermental power vested in the Roman Senate.
Octavian was able to reach his position as a roman emperor because of his ties to the
current Caesar, Julius Caesar. Julius was his great uncle and favored him at a very
young age. In 48 BC, when Octavian was 15 years old, Caesar enrolled Octavius in the
priestly college of the Pontifaces and into the hereditary Patrician class in Rome.
Octavius also joined Caesar on a military campaign in Spain on 46 BC. Later, Octavius
was sent by Caesar to Apollonia ,in Greece, to finish his education. During his time in
Apollonia, Octavius trained with Roman Legions who were stationed there at the time. It
was during his stay here that he had learned about Caesar's assination and that he was
Caesar's adopted heir.
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Octavian was 18 years old and was living in Apollonia when the news of Caesar's
assination reached him. His friends and family begged him to stay where he was and
thought it best that he renounce his inheritance because the enemies and assassins of
Caesar were very strong. Octavius did not take this advice and immediately announced
his intentions of going to Rome to claim what was rightly his...