Militray Conquest Is the Best Way to Obtain Power

Military conquests are a good way to gain land but not sustain power over that land. Mongols for example had much power and influence but as soon as the power exchanged hands their values were lost. Whereas the empire where religion is the core has integrated their ideals and values from then all the way to present day society.
      When the Roman Empire was being rebuilt in the beginning of the middle Ages, the new roman government knew that they did not want a repeat of the last great fall.   History shows that the instability of their government that revolved around military was not fit for their new idea of this modern grand Empire. Previous rulers such as Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar were a great example of how unstable a society is with Military as its center.   When rulers in the middle ages took power, slowly they began to realize that religion was the best way to unite an already divided land.   Pope Urban II created the idea of having the church in power and one central religion for the whole Kingdom (Howarth, 22). In addition to having the military at his disposal, Pope Urban II used religion and the promise of salvation to have the force of all his citizens behind him also (Corrick, 31).   In the end, the crusades created and established many new Empires, and the fall of old power. The trade routes helped expand much of his established power that was left with the pope now. To this day, the ideas of power, society, and the culture developed during this time are still in effect. The government although has exchanged hands many times, still had the same core idea developed during the time of Pope Urban II.

      In the 14th century a new civilization called Aztec emerged in Central America. The Aztecs were a civilization that had every aspect from government to society to economy all revolved around their religious beliefs. Since many of their core beliefs and values were originally from the olmecs the Aztec views of life gods and death were not...