The Indian Auto Industry has seen a massive growth as the purchasing power of the buyer is consistently increasing. Major reason to this can be the burgeoning influence of globalization. Audi lauched its cars in 2007. Earlier life hasn’t been easy for Audi in India. It has come,seen and launched its cars, but hasn’t really conquered. Okay, the Q7 rules SUV roost and the brand is beginning to be recognized as a genuine alternative to Mercedes-Benz or BMW. But Audi still has to make that difficult climb to the place where its superbly engineered cars get their due from Indian customers.
The car that Audi is hoping will change this is here. Say hello to the seriously alluring new A4, a car that has the potential to communicate the immense technical mastery Audi’s products possess along with the generous dose of sophisticated cool that the brand so effortlessly portrays. AUDI caters to the niche market, and the individuals comprising of this sector were chiefly global players. They were well aware of the global market. Today the car manufacturers have grown manifold and there is a car offered to every segment of the Market. The gap that existed between the average, rich and the super-rich has been bridged by global players by offering the right kind of product to the right individual to rightly fulfill their needs.   Competition analysis helps us to understand the minor nuances of what is being offered in the market. On the face, there may be many products that may serve the same purpose, but how the purpose is served and what makes each product a unique is reflected by what the product is endowed with. Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Toyota and Honda are all global players but at a global level a AUDI is never compared with Toyota and Honda models.