Assignment Theory

This assignment is based on the European Tour Operators (tourism industry). To help you out with your research you should refer to the case study “European Tour Operators: confronting competition in the tourism industry” in the main textbook (page 565, Exploring Strategy 9th Edition, Johnson, Scholes & Whittington, Prentice Hall, 2011). This is however only a starting point – you will need to access further (and more current) information on the industry.


1. Analyse the external environment of the industry using appropriate strategy tools (PESTEL). Identify the main opportunities and threats arising from environmental change and assess key drivers for change for the industry).
PESTEL analysis (35 marks)
Opportunities and Threats (10 marks)
Key drivers for change (5 marks)
(Total 50 marks)

2. Using Porter’s Five Forces Model analyse the competitive environment for the Industry. Explain how these forces might be expected to drive the industry’s profitability (attractiveness).
5 Forces (40 marks)
Industry attractiveness (10 marks)
(Total 50 marks)

a) You can use any relevant sources providing all sources are properly referenced. Of particular relevance are sources like Keynotes, Mintel and the FT.
b) Your assignment should not exceed 1,500 words (excluding appendices).
c) The main purpose of the assignment is to demonstrate your understanding and application of the concepts used in the module.

For ease of understanding, your report should be word processed. You should clearly label any diagrams, graphs, charts etc that you include. 10% of the total marks will be allocated for presentation, English and referencing.

Plagiarism is the taking of the work of others and passing it off as if it were one’s own. The university has strict rules about this offence and you should remind yourself of these. However, to avoid any misunderstandings about plagiarism please...