Asset Management

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The presentation task identified six areas which required assistance or definition

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• Improving the current asset management.
• New device procurement.
• On and Off boarding
• Device maintenance.
• Cyclical device replacement & redeployment.

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So what’s my vision
• To establish an asset management solution that enables access to accurate and up to date information.
• Assets are allocated correctly whilst being secured at the right data level.
• Ownership is acknowledged.
• Being able to monitor assets throughout.
• Device maintenance schedules can be established.
• And cyclical device replacement & redeployment (defined and advertised).

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Moving to the first item “Improving the current asset management”
The current situation
• There appears to be no defined process to an audit, no dataset or tracking tools have been established.
• Audits are being undertaken, but consistency across the audit teams differs.
So how can we resolve these issues

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• A formal process to auditing needs agreement.
• The current asset management solution may needs reviewing or replacement purchasing.
• A standard asset tag deployed.
• An audit team needs establishing and training.
• A full audit needs to be undertaken
• A process of updating needs defining with all stakeholders.

The following slide shows the communication level required for an audit.

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At the top is the Asset Manager. Who is the custodian of the system.
They define the audit and to what level.
They process
and then report on data supplied from audit

The role of the Audit Manager is to co-ordinate their team, providing appropriate resources to the audit.
Checks are undertaken on the quality of data before its submission to the Asset Manager.

Will be supplied with their locations, data templates and tools required for the audit.
Auditors will sign off against each completed room and forward...