It Asset Management Analyst

The purpose of this paper is to review Learning Team B’s discussions in regards to recruitment and selection methods.   Team B identifies recruitment and selection methods that are consistent with rewritten job description that Team B researched in week four assignment for an IT Asset Management Analyst opening for the Automobile Club of Southern California to facilitate an in depth review.  

Position details
Full-Time employee as an IT Asset Management Analyst
Job duties and performance standards
・Manage the Information Technology asset management process for software and technology-related hardware within the organization.
・Designs and develops systems to support initial executions and subsequent process optimization efforts.
・Lead the Information Technology Department to develop solutions and certify systems meet the needs of the organization in terms of quality and functionality.
Job Factors
・Degree in Information Technology, Business or any equivalent field
・Minimum of five years’ experience in technology asset management
・Conceptual knowledge of information technology in an enterprise environment that comprises program portfolio, cost allocations, charge backs, costing services, and capital and operating expense handling
・Excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability to communicate efficiently within all levels of the organization
・Self-starter and problem solver
Recruitment methods
Recruitment using the Internet is growing.   IT asset management analyst is a lower-executive level job, and team B concluded job posting on the Internet is the best way to reduce recruiting costs, to keep faster recruiting cycle, and to increase audience reach.   During the recruitment process, organization and those seeking jobs use many different methods through the Internet.   Many organizations post job opportunities on their business website.   Job seekers can review job postings and information of position with instructions, concerning the...