Managing Diversity and Equal Opportunities

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|Module:                                         |Diversity and Equal Opportunities:                                                         |
|Assignment:                                     |Critically review the reasons for the existence of the gender pay gap and evaluate the     |
|                                                 |measures that organisations should and could take to eliminate it.                         |
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In considering the reasons for the continued existence of a disparity in the earnings of men and women this piece will explore the historical context of the role of women in the workplace and its effects upon their earning capacity. It will look at the social influences which determine women’s roles and explore the effects of measures to address the disparity by combating discrimination with incentives and legislation.
To understand the reasons for the existence of the gender pay gap, one must examine how it came about and the reasons for the continued suppression of women’s pay and earning potential.
Until 1918, women did not have a vote, being subject to a patriarchal society. Their contribution to the war effort during the first war helped to bring about their right to vote (The National Archives), but their work was neither valued nor rewarded.
During the Second World War women served in roles that had been traditionally seen as 'men's work'. They could join the auxiliary services, serving as volunteers or on British farms in the Land Army. By 1943 around 90 per cent of single women and 80 per cent of married women...