Assignment   G. Brophy Assessments
Assessments are essential during teaching. They are done at different stages and a verity of methods can be used. They are the only way for a tutor to check the understanding of learners and are used for proof of learning.
“All assessments are intended to determine the skills, abilities, understanding and knowledge of each of the individual students undertaking the assessment.” (oxford Brookes university)

    • Initial assessments – Are carried out at the start of course. They can be used to assure learners have the necessary skills to begin the course.

    • Diagnostic assessments – Are used to get an idea what the learners already know about the subject. Tutors can use this to help them pitch the course to the correct level to maximise the learner’s potential.

    • Continuous assessments – Are used to check the learners are retaining the necessary information on all the subjects covered in the course. These can be used by tutors to make sure all learners are up to date and anyone who is falling behind or not understanding can be given extra help.

    • Formative assessments - Are used to check the understanding of the learners at the end of each subject covered. Tutors can use these to make sure the learners are ready to move onto the next topic.

    • Summative assessments – Are carried out at the end of the course, they include aspects covered by the learner in the whole of the course. This assessment can mean a learner gaining a qualification if they pass or passing a module in a bigger course.

  With in the stages of the assessments there are many different methods available for the tutor to carry them out these include available assignments or essays, presentations, self assessment, evidence based assessment and oral assessment.
  Some of the methods I use whilst carrying out my First aid courses are:

  Initial assessment: verbal conversation with my learners, I ask them what they already know...