Assessment in Child Care Learning Development 203.1

UNIT 202.1


Coming into my workplace in the morning by 7.00m, first thing I do, I will use my key to go into the nursery building drop my bags and coat, after that I will go to the staff room to sign in my name then go back to the classroom to set up the classroom according to the day planning or rota of activities, you can put toys out to put on the table, it can be legos, blocks, it can be cars, animals, small worlds.

Followed by communication language literacy (CLL) table you can put attractive books, with pictures for them to read. Followed by creative table, you can put colour paper, glue, and scissors, to create things. Followed by (problem, solving, reasoning, numeracy)( P.S.R.N) table, you can put equipment with props, counting, maths, numbers, shapes, solving.

Followed by risk assessment, make sure all fire exist door are clear both inside and outside without obstruction, easy to access to open, not stiff in case of fire. Also make sure all the sink area is clear, no water on the floor to avoid wet floor and slippery so that children will not fall down, make sure all the classroom floor is clear, no obstruction, all electrical wall socket are covered because of electric shock.

All the equipment activity must be in good condition, make suse all the garden gates are locked incase no children can wondered away, if they do then you are going to be responsible for it. All the windows must be working in good order, before planning any breakfast, the breakfast table must be covered with table cloth, and go into the laundry room to bring two buckets one for bibs , one for wet towels for them to use to wipe their mouth after their breakfast.

After you will prepare the breakfast trolley from the kitchen, by making toast, water, orange juice, milk, cornflakes, porridge, weetabix, before they start coming in by 8.00am one by one as they come you will ask them for what they want until 9.00am when you will...