As an Ib Student, How Has Your Learning of Literature and Science Contributed to Your Understanding of Individuals and Societies?

Question 9
Sarah Bollen
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As an IB student, how has your learning of literature and science contributed to your understanding of individuals and societies?

During the last year I have been taught not only in the different ways of knowing but also how to evaluate different types of literature, which has helped me to understand different societies and individuals. In the following I will explain, with the help of the different knowledge issues such as reasoning and science, how it has contributed to my understanding different ways of behavior.

Last summer I read, “The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down” by Anne Fadiman. It is about a Southeast Asian refugee family who came to America. Her daughter suffers from epilepsy; however, they do not understand the danger of the illness because of misunderstandings with poor translation and a language barrier. Another reason for this is the lack of scientific knowledge from the South East Asian refugees. They are not capable of using the same methods as the Americans do, as they do not have the same equipment. This leads to a mistrust which can be seen in a passage where other Southeast Asians ask those who already live in America whether they are cannibals or practice cannibalism.

“Nathan the Wise” is a German piece of literature, which I read last year. Nathan, the main character, tries to make the other people understand that the different religions are not at all that different. During that time people from other religions often fought against each other because they did not understand their different beliefs and were not able to accept their different ways of thinking. Here language is a huge problem as they were not able to understand each other. In translation important information often gets lost which leads to different or mistaken conclusions.

The behavior of those different cultures and people can be understood by human science. Psychology is a form of human science which...