As an Ib Student, How Was Your Learning of Literature and Science Contributed to Your Understanding of Individuals and Societies?

Eirini Theochari
                                                                                          Date: 23/4/13
  PAPER 1: English A: Language and Literature

To begin with, nowadays, with the progress in the means of transport, tourism has become more and more popular and has developed a lot in the last few years. Thus, on this occasion, this text which is an internet advertisement, is about tourism and more specifically about a holiday popular destination that the author of the text proposes us to visit.
As for the purpose of the text, we can clearly deduce both from the style of writing and the text itself that it is to get the potential consumer to be attracted and consequently to persuade him to pass his holidays in Antigua or Barbuda. This creates the theme of the following advertisement to be about the luxuries as well as the sightseeings that the complex of the two islands offers to the visitors. Therefore this essay will try to prove that   the purpose of the author in this specific text is to appeal and catch the eye of the audience.
First   of all, the target group of this internet advertisement is mainly rich people which is shown through the use of the phrases ‘’Upscale resorts for the very rich” and “the tony K club that serves the rich and famous’’ but also by the word ‘’luxury’’   at the beginning of the page that is emphasized by the bold colourful letters, although the author clarifies that less wealthy people are also welcome to visit the two islands through the phrase ‘’ Most visitors, though, are day-trippers, who can arrange a one-day tour’’. Furthermore, the text is also directed at all ages, from younger people which the author succeeds by the use of the words ‘’party’’ and ‘’fun’’ to older people with the use of vivid images at the bottom of the page that show some old people indicating that every person, independently of age can have a good time there. Finally, the text is also aimed at all kinds of people, from the more...