April Raintree

April Raintree Reflection: Chapter 1

The first chapter in the novel April Raintree by Beatrice Culleton gives a very intriguing background to April. We learn about her mother, father and most importantly her younger sister April. We are introduced to her living situation and how terrible it is. It is given from the view of a child, leaving the reader to use their common sense to fill in the blanks. I found myself feeling very sorry for April at the beginning of the book, having to raise her sister all by herself because she thought her parents were ‘sick’ and needed medicine to get better. When her parent’s would take this ‘medicine’ I just wanted to tell April what was really going on and to go talk to someone. Even though they got taken away from their family during the chapter I still feel terrible. I hate how young Cheryl is, because if she knew what was going on with her family, she wouldn’t be able to understand even if she wanted to. If I were in April or Cheryl’s situation I don’t think I could cope with all the stress at such a young age. It seemed obvious that they would get taken away from their family, just because the story had to move forward and there had to be conflict but I didn’t want it to happen. Nobody wants to be separated from their family, no matter how bad or neglecting they are towards you. Everyone needs someone to love, and be loved back whether they show it or not. I didn’t find this chapter the most interesting of the novel, but it kept me interested in the story and kept me flipping the pages.

April Raintree Reflection: Chapter 9

In the ninth chapter April has already married Bob and moves to Toronto to move in with him. She is overwhelmed with the parties, mansions and most importantly her complete and total loneliness. Cheryl comes to her house for Christmas and April is excited and nervous for Bob’s mother’s reaction. They also get a chance to catch up with each other and Cheryl finds out that April went searching for her...