Application and Operation Principle of Impact Crusher

You can know basic operation principle of impact crusher. Materials from the feed hopper enter to impact crusher and distributor will divide materials into two parts. One part material from middle distributor enters into high speed rotating impeller and is rapidly accelerating. Then it will be cast at the speed of 60-70m/s from three passages of impeller. Therefore, a piece of material is hit, friction and grinded for many times in vortex crushing cavity. The material which is grinded expels from the discharge gate.

Impact crusher is applied widely for producing of metal, non-metal mineral, cement, refractory matter, glass raw material, abrasive material, artificial making sand, building aggregate, pebble, iron ore tailings, artificial making sand of stone chips, fabrics of highway road, cushion material, cement concrete, bituminous concrete, metallurgy waste residue. Besides, impact crusher put into comminuting and coarse grinding of hill stone such as limestone, granite, basalt, dolerite, andesine. Especially for hard and abrasive materials such as carbide, silicon carbide and sintering aluminum bauxite, magnetite, etc. Impact crusher is more superiority than other types of crusher.

Impact crusher is applied in architecture, metallurgy and machinery industry. It is application of all kinds of ores and rocks with different hardness. It works very convenient and high efficiency. Besides, its installation is simple and it is easier to repair and maintain. You afford less operation cost for impact crusher. At home and abroad, impact crusher is the core equipment of sand industry in construction, mechanism and metallurgy fields. Fote machines are renowned at home and abroad., we have a high quality, efficiency and quality service, wholeheartedly welcome new and old customers to come to consult the purchase of equipment to suit your needs, we will let you buy the rest assured with a pleasant.
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