Ways of Using an Impact Crusher

Impact crashers are indeed widely used in wide variety of industries and play an essential part in those fields such as mining, transportation and construction.Here is some proper advices on how to use impact crasher”

1、The installation between impact crusher and the power unit should be tightly secured. It should be fixed on the basis of cement if the impact crasher works permanently while if it is mobile operated, the power unit should be installed on a frame made of angle iron and be make it sure that the pulley grooves between the generator(diesel engine or electric motor) and impact crushers are at the Fote rational plane.

2、When completing the installation, the fastening condition of fasteners should be carefully checked and fixed if it is not. In the meanwhile, checking whether the elasticity of belt is appropriate

3、Before starting, turn the rotor with your hands, check out if the tooth-jaw, hammer and rotor is in a flexible and reliable operation condition and see if there is collision within the shell, if the direction of rotation of the rotor is consistent with the direction indicated by the arrow, if the lubrication between the power and impact crusher goes well.

4、Do not replace the pulley, in case of explosion of the crushing chamber causing by excessive operating speed or impact crusher's efficiency resulting from a excessively slow speed.

5、Impact crusher should be idling 2~3min after starting, then feeding with no abnormal phenomenon .

6、Work to keep functioning of impact crusher, feeding should be uniform to avoid blocked stuffy, don't overload for a long time. If you notice vibration and noise or the temperature of the bearings and the body are too high and to phenomena such as spraying material, the crasher mush be immediately shut down, it can not restart unless troubleshooting.
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