Apple Benchmark
Mai Chao Thao
MGT 521
June 22, 2011
John Farley

Apple Benchmark
Apple was considered to be underdog of the technology industry, but now it is considered to be the largest technology company in the universe. This dramatic change has been attributed to many factors like the leadership abilities CEO, the marketing strategies, and products of the company. However, there seems to be many lingering questions about Apple’s financial health and ability to survive. Therefore, this paper will examine the financial health of the company by comparing it to its competitors and discussing Apple’s globalization attributes.  
Apple became a company in 1977 and was introduced to the public in 1980 (Finkle, 2010).   Since its introduction, Apple has experience many uprising and downfalls, including the demise of $150 million in 1997 (Manjoo, 2010).   Today Apple is considered   to be one of the largest technological company, manufacturing personal computers, mobile communications, and portable music players like Macintosh, iPhones, iPods, and iPads, (Morningstar, 2010).
The financial health of the company is reflected   by the company’s income statement, balance sheet, and   cash flow. Thus an examination of these documents is needed to understand the financial health of the company. An income statement is a financial statement summarizing all the resources within the company and designed to reveal whether the company is making a profit or not (Nickels, McHughs, McHughs, 2010).   According to Apple’s 2010 annual report, the company made a net income is $14, 013 million, which was $5, 778 million more than what was obtained   in 2009 (Morningstar, 2010).   Apple’s 2010 net income indicates that the company is making a profit in oppose to obtaining a lost.   However, the profit made by Apple is still minimal in comparison to its competitors,...