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The “Witch DBQ” assignment

Introductory Para:

During the period 1560 t0 1660 in Europe there were three principle causes of witch hunting: fear of the unknown, self advancement, and misogyny.   Witch hunting was primarily aimed at older women who acted as midwives, widowed women, and women that lived outside of what was viewed as normal society, for example unmarried young women.   Often witch hunting resulted in the persecution of innocent people and culminated in the deaths of tens of thousands.   The full extent of the human suffering inflicted by the witch hunts will most likely never be known.

First Sub-topic Para

During the 16th and 17th and century Europe people used supernatural terms to explain the abnormal events the occurred.   The lack of reasoned explanations for events like sudden infant death or even the fact that a cow stopped giving milk created a fear and suspicion.   This fear of the unknown translated itself into the persecution of members of the society that did not seem to fit in.     Evidence of this can be found in documents _______________________, _____________________, and ____________________.   For instance Martin Luther a clergyman and founder of the Protestant faith says“ ___________________________________________________.” (Doc#).   Luther would be accepted as an authority on religion and his comments on the existence of the Devil and the interactions of people with the devil would promote belief in the existence of witches who seek to seduce or damage there fellow citizens.   The testimony of __________________   a midwife, in which she admits that “______________________
____________________________________________” (Doc#) provides even more proof that witchery is the explanation for the unknown.   The fact that she was tortured and that the testimony is not...