Ap Euro- Cavour and Bismarck

Both Cavour of Italy and Bismarck of Germany had similarities and differences when it came to uniting their countries. Both leaders used different tactics to unite their countries, but also did many things in common. Uniting both Germany and Italy were important events in history that impacted Europe greatly.
Cavour achieved unification of Italy through manipulation. He understood that he was influential on others and used that to his own advantage. Being cunning he intentionally entered the Crimean war in order to participate during the Peace conference. He also supported alliance that benefited him such as in 1859 when he gained Lombardy due to France and Napoleon 3 going against Austria. Cavour also used French troops in 1849 to protect the pope in Rome. Along with this Cavour also supported the building of railroads, the improvement of agriculture, and emancipation of trade throughout Italy. All these events were factors that helped Cavour unite Italy.
Bismarck on the other had used the military to unite Germany. Since he supported Russia he had their support along with Austria in 1864 when he went against Denmark for Schleswig-Holstein. He also reformed German confederation. He participated in or started different wars that allowed him to gain land and work towards the unification of Germany.   Bismarck used wars as a way to unite Germany.  
While being similar in using methods of war and diplomatic relations, Bismarck and Cavour were different in their political policies that they implemented. Cavour aimed to plant the roots of constitutional and parliamentary practices in Italy. He aimed to make the new Italian state one of progress, efficiency, and fair government and make efforts to follow a strongly anticlerical policy. Bismarck instead was more deceitful in terms of the policies and agreements that he made with other people. Bismarck tried to inspire nationalism in his people and tried to instill a sense of German pride in them so that the members of...