Explain what type of parenting style you believe you will adopt with your children and why. Identify factors that may make it difficult for you to adopt this parenting style

I have a lot of opinion towards this topic; parenting styles. It’s because different kind of parenting styles you choose can help or even hurt your child.

Okay, I believe most of you in this room would have already agreed on auTHORitative style since you have already known the negative consequences and repercussion of the other parenting styles.

Yes I too, strongly believe authoritative is the best parenting style since it is well balanced.

But, honestly, ask yourselves, how do you actually maintain that kind of balance? We are all influenced by our own temperament or even modelling from our parents themselves. If you are brought up by an authoritarian parent, how are you supposed to know how to act authoritative when sudden situations occur? Most of you will go accordingly to what your instincts tells you and then you start rationalising it yourself. Yes you may debate that behaviour can be learnt or changed. But let me finish with my opinions first.

I have a thought. Parenting to me, it’s like growing up. As your child grows, you grow as parent too. Thus, it is important to let your child know youre learning with them and you are not perfect being.
You will try hard to be the best parent and you hope that they will try their best to accept you as much as they can.

I strongly agree that the crux of being a good parent is to be flexible and compromising. I disagree to the part of being too insistence on a certain type of parenting style.
To me as much as I really want to be authoritative, I believe two kinds of authoritative parenting.   One is slightly skewed towards the authoritarian and another towards the permissive side.

I’ll give you an example. During the early years of childhood, your child’s frontal cortex is not fully developed or matured. Thus, I will exercise...