Closing '08 and Coming to Terms with Stitches and Burns for '09!

i came home and they all embraced me with love and care i never thought would be there... i guess that's how love is it can do miracles for one when one feels it... you all loved me and that should be enough...

thank you for helping me pick up the pieces of the strength left in me... for helping me fight myself and come to terms with the stitches and burns i got from that fairytale i so thought was real... in each of your ways, you made me do better... you all made me see that even when all else has failed, there will never be any reason to regret the past...

it's just as good that it's a whole new year for all of us... a time to close the chapters of '08. i did close it with bang and opened '09 with a smile. cheers '09!!! may we all have a rocking year ahead of us!

it's the first time in history when i saw dad buy so much stuff in one day to make me forget all my troubles... it's euphoric to actually end '08 in the same resto the clan chose to eat the first lunch for '09... hmm, and it's seemingly blissful to be able to spend my first new year celebration ever with family and not with my closest friends... (sorry, guys, i owe my family a lot this time to go loca partying this year; we have all this year to do such that anyhow, right? =D)

to my family... to my friends... a toast to '09!

so yes... i am all right, i am standing up, and i will be for a long time... thank you for having believed in me, for not giving up on me when i was almost at the edge, for taking good care of me when i was tired of taking care of myself... i will never ever forget... i love you, all... and this year, '09, i shall be back on track... yet again =D