Ansel Admas

Sylvia DeSormeau
HUM-201World Culture and the Arts
James Massey, Instructor
October 22, 2009

Ansel Easton Adams was a renowned photographer and environmentalist. Ansel was born in San Francisco, California on February 20th 1902.   Ansel was the only child of Charles Adams and Olive Bray. Since the couple had Ansel late in their lives, Ansel grew up in a home that was socially and emotionally conservative. After the family fortune was lost in the financial panic in 1906, his mother and spent a lot of the time worrying over their loss and inability to regain their financial status. His father however, always was encouraging and supportive of his son.
When Ansel was five, he fell and broke his nose during an earthquake and it never quite healed right, leaving it disfigured for life.   He was naturally shy and had a genius like intensity that when combined with his nose made fitting in at school sometimes difficult.   Some say that he may have been slighty hyperactive and perhaps dyslexic and this was part of the reason he had trouble in school. After several failed attempts at different schools, his father and aunt began tutoring him at home. Eventually he tried public school again at Mrs. Kate M. Wilkins Private School; this time he earned a diploma. All of his education was equivalent to an eighth grade education of today.
Ansel loved nature and music and at the age of twelve taught himself to read music and play the piano. His father was impressed and began getting Ansel formal lessons instead of a more formal schooling. By 1920, being a musician was his primary occupation. The years of learning and playing the piano taught him about discipline and gave more structure to his younger years.   His training also helped to develop his visual artistry, writings and eventually his teachings of photography.
His childhood was good, but rather different and solitary.   He spent most of hi days in nature, taking long walks in the wilderness around the Golden Gate or...