Annotating bibliography
Sajounar Landry
Allorah Wyman
August 18, 2014

  1. Comparing the heroism of men and women

          Eagly,Alice H. Becker, Selwyn W. ; American phycologists, Vol 60(4) , May -Jun, 2005. Pp 343-344. Publisher: American Psychological Association. Database: PsycARTICLES

This article compares   women and men heroism. This article has shown how in the past women has been passsed up on heroic roles and men were most tlikely to get the role . they say this because women were never saught out as the heroic ones. They were more known as the hepless victims in the story.
This article also talk about how in the recent years . in the recent movies that have been releasesed more of the heros have been women . this is because nowadays men have less heroism than women. I will use this article to help me support my argurment of ehy women make the better jero virsus the male figure.

The heroism of men and women

            By:Becker,selwyn W. Eagly, Alice H.; American phycologists, Vol 59(3), Apr,2004. Pp.163-178. Publisher: American Psychological Association [journal Article, Database            

Heroism consists of actions undertaken to help others, despite the possibility that they may result in the helper's death or injury. The authors examine heroism by women and men in 2 extremely dangerous settings: the emergency situations in which Carnegie medalists rescued others and the holocaust in which some non-Jews risked their lives to rescue Jews. The authors also consider 3 risky but less dangerous prosocial actions: living kidney donations, volunteering for the Peace Corps, and volunteering for Doctors of the World. Although the Carnegie medalists were disproportionately men, the other actions yielded representations of women that were at least equal to and in most cases higher than those of men. These findings have important implications for the psychology of heroism and of gender.

Womens fund defines heroism for BRAS victimsvictims...