Annotated Bibliography on Gun Violence

Annotated Bibliography
Dube, Rebecca. “Toronto struggles with rising gun violence.” USA Today. NP, 2 January 2006. Web. 24 May 2010.

This article is specifically about gun violence in Toronto. The number of gun related homicides nearly doubled in 2005. Three cases of gun violence were stated. A 4 year old boy was wounded in a drive by shooting. A teenager was is shot to death at a friend’s funeral. And a gun battle between rival gangs kills a 15 year old bystander and wounds six others in the heart of the downtown shopping district.

The source is very useful, not just for me but also other people. The spike prompted a debate in Canada over what is behind the unprecedented violence.

My research paper is based on trying to persuade the idea of having a more effective way of forcing gun control in the United States. This article shows the awful nature of gun violence.

Wilson, James. “In defense of guns.” Los Angeles Times. NP, 20 April 2007. Web. 24 May 2010.

There are more than 260 million guns (of which perhaps 60 million are handguns) that increase the death rate more and more each year as gang violence rapidly grows. The shooting at Virginia Tech may tell us about how a young man can commit terrible actions when in possession of a gun. You can declare a place gun free, as Virginia Tech had done, and guns will still be brought there.

Like the other source above, this is a small example of why gun control is such an under-looked problem by the laws of the country we live in. Stronger actions need to be taken to make gun control more powering.

The article hopefully hasn’t changed anyone’s mind towards gun control. It needs to be looked at more. Guns are a threat to everyday life and to the community.

Vulliamy, Ed. “How a misfit’s hate turned into murder.” USA Today. NP, 25 April 1999. Web. 23 May 2010.

The images of this article can be disturbing as just the first sentence leaves you in shock and disbelief. A teenage gang’s fantasy...