Annotated Bibliography Example

“Most OK with birth control at school, poll finds: 67 percent support handing out contraceptives, but Qualms remain,” 2007 (2007). Retrieved from
This is a good article from background information from a well-know creditable news source.   Telling their audience that the idea of giving contraceptives in high school is more accepted.   As well as giving the discussion behind the opposing points.  

Laidler, John. (2009). Parents fight birth control accessibility at Revere High: Group objects to role of high school clinic. Retrieved from contraceptive_policy_at_high_school/
This is a great article from a creditable news source that focuses on facts for the the people who believe it is wrong to give birth control in schools.   Telling their audience how this side feels then giving the information to back up this side’s ideas.   This article includes quotes from a high school superintendent and local residents.

Sidebottom, A., Finnegan, K., Amidon, D., & Harrison, P. A. (2008). The Varied Circumstances Prompting Requests for Emergency Contraception at School-Based Clinics. The Journal of School Health, 78(5), 6. Retrieved from
This is a paper that is crossed referenced to a reliable Journal.   This paper gives more information about all forms of contraception and other information about “plans” if something does happen.   This paper also stresses on the importance to teach students all aspects of the sex, sexual transmitted infections (STI), contraception, abortion, et cetera.

Rosenthal, B. (2009). "Should Teens Have Access to Birth Control?: Opposing Viewpoints: Brith Control. Greenhaven Press. Retrieved from...