Annotation Bibliography: Identity Theft

Individual Annotated Bibliography

Topic:   What are Identity Theft and Identity Fraud
U.S. Department of Justice. (2007). Identity theft and Identity fraud. Retrieved from
This article confers what are identity theft and identity fraud.   The editorial is from a credible source because it is linked to federally chartered website.   It discusses common practices cyber thieves and unauthorized offenders use to commit identity fraud.   Furthermore, the article explains what tactics the department of justice is doing to prevent and stabilize such erroneous act.   This website also elucidates what consumers can do to prevent themselves from getting victimized.

Topic:   Organize ID Theft Case
San Francisco Police Department. (2000-2011). Crime Prevention tips. Retrieved from
This composition discusses penal codes that are associated to identity fraud, prevention tips, and victimized guidance.   It provides imperative information such as social security and credit bureau’s contact phone numbers as well as website instructions.   This website explains how you can organize your id theft case to credit bureaus and other financial institution.   Taking preventative measures by working with the right people can make the process seamless.   This is a beneficial website for consumers who wish to remove themselves from spam mails.  

Topic:   Preventative Measure
Identity Theft Resource Center. (2011). Working to resolve Identity Theft. Retrieved from
The article is formed by a non-profit organization.   This association provides preventive measures for consumers on identity theft.   This useful website gives consumers, victims of identity fraud, informative step by step instruction to take after the horrific scams occurred.   In addition, the article provides updates on current...
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