Animal Testing

The arguments for and against animal testing

I have selected the relevant information for the argument for animal testing from the following website:
The title of the article is: Pro-Test: supporting animal testing
Once again the argument I have read for animal testing is very informative and interesting so I have extracted the main points I feel are relevant and commented on them.
‘The goal of Pro-Test is to make the case for animal testing. It is generally well known that vaccines, antibiotics, transplant surgeries, medical devices such as pacemakers, and other developments would not be here today if animal testing had not been used. But animal rights activists want to stop all current and future animal testing’
The above extract mentions a website ‘pro- test’ at the beginning which is in favour of animal testing and gives you the website earlier in the article so you can go and support it and get some facts. I have also extracted this section as it states that such medical breakthroughs such as a lot of vaccines, antibiotics, transplant surgeries, medical devices such as pacemakers and other developments which aren’t included wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for animal testing.
‘A famous example often cited by animal rights groups is thalidomide. Thalidomide was introduced in 1956 and marketed as a sedative (1). Within several years, its use had spread around the world and women began taking it to help combat the nausea associated with pregnancy. In 1961, several physicians linked thalidomide with birth defects they observed in cases of female patients who had been taking it. Very quickly, these results were confirmed worldwide, and thalidomide was taken off the market. Thalidomide did initially pass safety tests in animals because the proper tests - namely, testing thalidomide in pregnant animals - were not performed. If a thorough battery of tests had been performed in animals, the birth defects would...