Animal Testing

Every year, nearly 100 million animals die in research laboratories at the hands of curious scientists who perform outdated and inaccurate tests that prove no benefit to humans or animals.

Medical testing violates the rights that animals also may have as we do which we can not just interfere with.When we conduct testings we force hundreds or even thousands of babies to be separated from their mothers to be tested and sadly killed in experiments.What can be much sadder then a baby being separated from their mom and dying from being experimented on. Medical Testing basically experiments with deadly diseases that literally kills the animal under testing. It is so cruel that they shoot,burn or even poison them just for the fun of testing.

In the process of testing toxins are used which harms them causing them to suffer greatly. When they do so it causes the inside of the animal’s body to malfunction messing up the animals body. Most of the animals that comes in for medical testing are already died from hypothermia and other diseases. As a supporting fact why medical testing should not be furthered science is because 92% of the time the cure that worked on the animals does not work on us.Drug testing on animals is inaccurate and does not benefit humans or animals at all. The usage of anesthesia is not mandated by law and is rarely administered to the animals. A great example is of a pill that was known as the super medicine when it was said that it could help your baby when you had a baby but it really formed deformities in the babies

Animals testing is cutting up live animals which implies torture,suffering and maybe even death in some cases. The testers scalps the animals and performs surgeries that are really not needed to help the animal or test something. Before the animals die,they are routinely burned,scalded,poisoned,starved give electric shocks,addicted to drugs,subjected to near freezing temperatures dosed with radioactive elements,driven...