Animal Testing

From when you are a baby to when you are an adult animal testing is used in your everyday products. Such things as medicines, food, chemicals, hair care products, skin care products, and make-up are tested on animals such as pigs, dogs, mice, rats, guinea pigs and many other animals. In some cases, scientists will infect animals with deadly and very painful human diseases and test hurtful and sometimes deadly cures on them. Would you like it? No I did not think so! Why put animals through so much pain? They do have feelings too. Up to 100 million animals are used for scientific research in the UK every year! 80 million of those are Mice. Most people think, this has to be done to find out the safety of these products or find cures for these diseases but it does not have to be done. I am sure that the companies can get by without doing these unnecessary tests on animals, some companies do not test their products on animals if they get by fine without it than I am sure the others can to, which proves it does not need to be done. And companies can get by without testing cosmetics, drugs and injecting infectious diseases into them. There are guides and regulations as to what they can do to the animals but perhaps they need to relook at the regulations and make the treatment standards higher.

Each year up to 100 million animals are used to test things like, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, eye liner, foundation, eye shadow, sunscreen, paint, hair sprays, hair dye, medicines, cancer medication, anti wrinkle creams, deodorant, washing powder, soaps, shower gels, bandaids and millions of other things. These are tested on animals such as, Guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs, goats, cats, birds, amphibians, mice rats and many more. Different animals are used for different things, most commonly rabbits are used for make-up and hair care where as mice and rats are more commonly to be infected with diseases. Millions of animals are used daily to determine...