Ancient Art

Museum Paper

A work of Art that really caught my eye was the Loving Couple (Maithuna) India, Orissa 13th Century. The artist Sculpture is Ferruginous Stone, Brown Gneiss, which is 69 x 28 inches, can be seen at the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena California.
India, Orissa has done a sculpture with a man a female making love, To me it shows that the couple really doesn’t care on were there making love. The couple looks very successful and happy like they just had accomplished something in life and there celebrating by making love towards each other. I also see that there’s a lot of jewelry worn in the sculpture. I think that may symbolize that the couple are wealthy.
The artist was detailed with the sculpture it really shows that there relationship is very joyful. There both smiling, looking in each other eyes and the couple really doesn’t care were to have sex.
As a late 20th century viewer to me personally doesn’t really effect me by seeing this. I really don’t think you would be seeing this around the 20th century I think its disrespectful for the public,   But I feel like if you want to be happy and have sex anywhere I think you have to the right to do so. India, Orissa showed a lot of skill in the sculpture shows everything that’s going on so well.
When I saw this sculpture I knew it was somewhere in the northeast just by how there ear holes were stretched out and the jewelry they were wearing just looked so realistic, but I didn’t know it was in India.
I think during the 13th century in the Northeast of India there was a lot of celebrating, couples falling in love everyday, loving couples that were happy, basically just being wealthy and having a successful life.
I really think It was intended for private consumption just cause the couple is making love outside there temple in a private area, but to me it seems like it was for the public also, because in India they would celebrate all the time and make love towards each other during the 13th...