Ancient Art 30,000 Bce -500ce

Since the beginning of time mankind humans have always had an artistic pursuit in subjects that have cause much debate. Within its earliest forms art can be seen in many textures and be located within many places. In earliest of time art was found in caves dones that date back to paleolithic era dating back to 30,000 BCE this is years before the common era. Over the years scholars have researched and discovered that they can gather, much of the artwork and define what it means through its symbolic forms and textures that it may have; thus giving a new outlook upon the meaning of the art and sharing its possibility of being of religio-magical in nature. Most scholars accept the fact that artwork seems to become more common as a society grows and matures. This would be seen as the intimate link between society and the art produced by its members and how art and culture would be established.

Ancient Art 30,000 BCE- 500 CE
The ancient Egyptians had a fascinating society and structure with art culture music and other fine arts. There were many famous and traditional pieces of art that was created by the Egyptians that is still stored and inspires many within today’s modern society. In the art speculation of things the Ancient Egyptian walls, both interior and exterior, were often portrayed coated within reliefs and murals. These flat visual types of work were typically filled with rows of many figures; some seen as deities and humans and others as hieroglyphs. Alongside with other traditional images these figures were very detailed and narrated rows of scenes, not unlike a modern comic strip. Narratives were both every day and supernatural.