As President Obama Observed, “It Is in Our Vital National Interest to Send an Additional 30,000 U.S. Troops to Afghanistan” (Speech Attached). What Vital National Interest Is at Risk in Afghanistan and How Does Our

The United States is a Large Country it is understood that we should fight Wars/ irregular threats in a big way. One of our great advantages is our mass of our military forces; we should never hesitate to use it. It was stated in the reading that Bigness, not Brains, is our advantage, and we should exploit it. If we have to intervene we should with great force.

Joint Operating concept states that given the irregular threats in the current and expected future operating environment, the U.S. military must become as proficient in addressing irregular threats as it is in confronting conventional or regular threats. I agree that our military must and has become more proficient with the irregular threats. Even though we have developed the concept of to prevent, deter, disrupt, or defeat irregular threats. Our government focuses on prevention primarily. My question is how can we not place emphasis on deter, disrupt, or defeat up front vs waiting for it to manifest.   as well as prevention? As a strong military it is my belief that we can defeat any enemy in world today with our manpower, technology, and lastly firepower.   I do agree that   using a       however I also believe that this will be a ongoing process due to our military continues working on new insurgency tactics.  
The joint force approach as identified in this joint operating concept is as follows: To prevent, deter, disrupt, and defeat irregular threats, the joint force must seek to work in concert with other governmental agencies and multinational partners, and, where appropriate, the host nation to understand the situation in depth, plan and act in concert, and continually assess and adapt their approach in response to the dynamic and complex nature of the problem. This will be achieved through a sustained and balanced approach aimed at both the threats themselves as well as the population and the causes and conditions that give...