Analysis of a Rose for Emily

Notes on A Rose for Emily by William Fulkner:

    A list of what occurs in the story in chronological order :
  1. Emily ‘s father dies
  2. Colonel Sartoris (the previous official man) remitted Emily from paying taxes and then dies
  3. Homer Baroon comes to town and stars dating with Emily
  4. Emily purchases arsenic and a men ‘s silver toiletry set
  5. Homer is never seen again
  6. A smell appears from Emily ‘s house and disappears by spreading lime
  7. Emily asks to pay her taxes again by the new officials (the previous ones are already retired) but   she refuses to pay them
  8. Emily dies and Homer ‘s body discovered



  1. No chronological order: The story begins like this: “When Miss Emily Grierson died … “.actually this story is written to show the reader the world from Emily ‘s own perspective,   the world full of mystery and confusion. from Emily ‘s perspectives the beginning and the end are the same because she had no idea of time or death.she would not know whether her life was a beginning or an end, whether she was alive or dead. that ‘s why the story is not in chronological order. ( in my opinion)

  2. Flashback and Foreshadowing: Throughout the story the narrator flashes back and forth through various events. Emily ‘s funeral is a flashback.(5 section story)
  3. Title: The title shows an affection and sympathy for Emily. her father, Homer Barron and the town folks are all the characters which   impact on Emily ‘s misery while they could have been the sources of love. Every character in the story acts as a link for a chain which leads towards the miserable ending of Emily ‘s life so the Rose is not actually a Rose (symbol of love).it ‘s symbol of affection, sympathy or even death.


  1. Isolation: Both physically and mentally ( isolation from family, community, tradition and past )
2. Decline of the south/Tradition versus change: Emily herself is a tradition,...