A Rose for Emily

In the story "A Rose For Emily", Falukner presents all four elements of fiction to the reader.   The beginning of the story starts with the first element, the element of character.   Faulkner describes Miss Emily as a misunderstood person who the town sees as a crazy woman.   The town even labels Miss Emily as "an obligation upon the town" (90) rather than a member of it.   This sets the character of   Miss Emily to the reader.

The plot of the story describes a life of Miss Emily before her death, a life with her father and after.   A life with a beautiful home and nice things.   A home that once was decorated with all things found on the "most select streets." (89) Faulkner goes on to describe Miss. Emily's surroundings as well as her character in the same sense, the sense of becoming run down and decaying.   He even goes on to say her home had become "an eyesore among eyesores."

The structure of the story begins with the death of Miss. Emily then quickly shifts to her life while she was alive.   The story goes on to explain Miss. Emilys father and how she became to be the center of the towns attention.   Faulkner ends the story just as he begins, all the people are gathered at Miss. Emilly's home for the funeral.  

The idea and theme of the story is that Miss. Emily was a very strong woman who stood tall regardless of what other people thought.   She was able to stand strong in the face of the community and seperate herself from them.   The community only saw Miss. Emily from the outside looking in and did not understand the type of person she really was.