Analyse the Ways Conflicting Perspectives Generate Diverse and Provocative Insights

Analyse the ways conflicting perspectives generate diverse and provocative insights
In your response, make a detailed reference to your prescribed text and at least one other text.  

Conflicting perspectives work to generate diverse and provocative insights through their ability to allow an audience to develop their own ideas and interpretations in relation to character situations and personalities. Such conflicting perspectives are presented in the anthology ‘birthday letters’ by Poet Ted Hughes and the Photograph of Sylvia Plath on Cape Cod beach taken in 1952.
Upon close study of the poems ‘Fulbright scholars’ and ‘the shot’ from the collection of poems, as well as the photograph of Plath the audience are torn between the two perspectives of Hughes and Plath as each text is set out as to make themselves the victim.
In Fulbright scholars, the conflicting perspectives are shown through literary devices which include theme, tone, rhetorical question and allusion. ‘Fulbright scholars’ refers to Hughes’ memory versus his hindsight and this acts a theme running through the course of the poem. Hughes is in a constant battle over his recollection of the day in question, In support of this; the poem opens with a rhetorical question “was it in the strand’ the use of this device immediately informs the audience that Hughes is unsure of his ability to accurately recall this day. Alongside this is the consistent tone of uncertainty, and conjecture as well as the repetition of the words ‘maybe’, ‘or’ and ‘for some reason’.
The fact that the poem is written in retrospect adds weight to the idea of generating insights through the use of conflicting perspectives as it allows the audience to make a comparison between the way in which Hughes makes reference to Plath in the present, and His reaction to her in the past, ‘noted your long hair and loose waves’, this quote is in direct contrast to that of Hughes later poems which reveal a more accusatory, aggressive tone...