Mary Whitehouse

“Analyze the ways conflicting perspectives generate diverse and provocative insights.” 
In your response, make detailed reference to your prescribed text and at least ONE other related text of your own choosing.”

Challenging the changing state of the world inspires conflicting perspectives to arise within society, resulting in diverse and provocative thought over a variety of issues humans are exposed to. The Justice Game by Geoffrey Robertson explores a variety of perspectives represented within the British legal system. The Lemon Tree deals with the perspective of a common, Israeli citizen versus a family of high political status.

In the chapter Romans of Britain the traditional and archaic perspective of Mary Whitehouse is represented through Robertson’s use of editing. This allows the author to control the voice, thus making it privileged. The inclusion of the diary entry “For a women of seventy-one, mother and grandmother, to challenge an act of simulated buggery at the National Theatre in the full publicity which would attend the trial – what a comment on the days in which we live’ highlights her religious nature as well as her age. Through this Robertson is able to mould our perception of Mary Whitehouse as an elderly, overly religious woman juxtaposing with the defense that are more modern thinkers and are shaped by the ‘changing world”.   Robertson’s use of pun and Shakespearean illusion when referring to the jury carrying copies of The Sun highlights to the reader that Robertson is a well-educated man, as well as portraying his feelings towards the jury and by extension the case as a whole. The blurred boundaries of justice are shown through Robertson’s view on the ludicrous legal system “the law requires a tighter clenching of the buttocks”. Whitehouse’s ability to find a loophole in the law in order to pursue the case