Analyse the Importance of Early Identification of Development Delay

Unit 137
Understand children and young people's development
Outcome 3 Understand the benefits of early intervention to support the development of children and young people
3.1 Analyse the importance of early identification of development delay
Early identification of developmental delays enables the child's family to access assistance and support to improve or overcome the child's delay. Due to a practitioners knowledge and understanding of child development and the milestones, by observing and monitoring a child, the practitioner is able to recognise problems in the child's development. By being aware of problems the practitioner is able to seek help and support for the child and the child's family from outside agencies. Referrals cannot be made if the delay goes unnoticed.
Referrals can be made to multi-agency teams, who will observe the child at the setting or at home. Expert support, guidance and assistance will then be provided to the child and family.
i.e. Concerns about a child's lack of speech was raised with the parent, and a referral was made to a speech and language therapist. The therapist visited the child at home and at the setting, providing weekly speech therapy sessions at the setting. Information and progress was shared between the therapist, practitioners and parent. We were given advice and guidance on how we could help and assist the child during his time at the setting.
In the 3+ setting we are able to raise concerns with the parent, and discuss any delays observed regarding their child, often discovering the parent have similar concerns.
As early years practitioners we are in the ideal position to offer support and advice and inform parents of steps involved in seeking help for their child. Regular communication with the parent is essential to ensure they feel involved and know what is happening. This prevents misunderstandings and unnecessary worrying to an anxious parent. We provide a vital link between the multi-agency teams and...