Back in the 17th century after much disagreement with provincial customs, a division of Anabaptists separated themselves and eventually ‘migrated’ from Europe to America. This group was, and to some extent still is, identified as the Amish. They were created in the 16th century, but experienced a lot of quarreling with just about everyone else in Switzerland. The Amish had different views than most people/cultures and were quite tenacious about their customs. After a migration to America with the help of William Penn, the man who founded the state of Pennsylvania, the Amish were finally free to practice their customs without being completely chastised.
The main issue every Swiss had with the Amish, is how they treated deviance. Most practices treated deviance by absolving one’s responsibilities in the community, while keeping intact with said person. But the Amish, they used biblical reasons to fully banish the deviant from the community and everyone in it. As harsh as this was, the one being exiled could eventually come back to the community after repenting for what they’ve done. This alone proves how austere the community is and how structurally sound it is.
Amish families send their children to Amish-run schools from first grade to eighth. This was viewed as outlandish and were accused of criminal activity for it. It wasn’t until 1970s that it was considered unconstitutional to force Amish to schools, via Religious Freedom and whatnot. To many, not going to school wouldn’t make much sense, or even sound like a sensible thing to exercise. To them, though, graduating from eight grade is time to put their knowledge to practical use. Their schooling is that of vocational means, readying the children for work at an early age.
Everyone who knows of the Amish can point out their beards, but most don’t realize that men in Amish communities don’t even grow their beards until their marriage has taken effect. During the marriage setup, brides actually sew their own...