Amirs Ambivalence

Amir’s Ambivalence
October 10, 2011
Amir’s Ambivalence
The author Khaled Hosseini writes the book The Kite Runner. In the book The Kite Runner one of the charecters Amir shows ambivalence between Hassan and his father Baba. Some ways Amir shows his ambivalence is during the kite tournment, Baba’s thoughts about Amir, and Amir asking Baba for new servents. These events show Amir’s conflicting emotions between Hassan and Baba.

One of the events of Amir’s ambivalence is the kite tournment. Amir has entered a kite tournment with Hassan and the two won the tournment which made Baba very proud. Amir felt happy that Baba showed that he was proud of him when he won the tournment. After the tournment Amir wanted to show his dad the winning kite to show off Amir and Hassan victory, but after the tournment Hassan kept the kite and told Amir that he will meet him later to give to Amir. When Amir went looking for Hassan to get the kite, Amir witnessed Hassan being rape. While witnessing this shocking event all Amir could think about was the kite to show his father. Amir said that the Kite was the ket to Baba heart. He didn’t even consider helping Hassan all he wanted to do was win his father’s acceptence. Hassan was always the person who spent time with Amir and did everything he could to help Amir but in his time of need Amir could not do the same because Amir valued the thought of love Baba would show him if he had the kite. Once Amir got home and showed Baba the kite Baba imbrace Amir in his arms. When Hassan got home Amir acted as if nothing happen. Baba asked Amir if it’s something wrong with Hassen but Amir said that he was just sick. For a couple of weeks Hassan was very depressed after the rape but Amir did nothing to help Hassan because Baba was finally paying attention to Amir.
Another event that goes on throughout the book is Baba’s thoughts about Amir. Baba thinks Amir is weak. Amir always has Hassan to stand up for his battles and Baba doesn’t like the...