The First on-line book store was founded in 1994 and launched in 1995. It was given the name Amazon after the largest river in the world. Its founder Jeff Bezos came up with the idea as he drove cross country from New York to Seattle. His idea was to offer every product from A to Z. Amazon started as on-line book store and it quickly expanded and started to sell other items such as DVD, CD’S, computer software, apparel, food, toys and electronics. Amazon now has separate web sites around the world. Amazon was the world’s first on-line bookstore and was able to offer more books that book catalogs did at that time. Jeff Bezos was committed to being the largest book store online but as the demand came other departments were added. Amazon has now earned over 10 billion in revenue. In a statement given to Amazon said.” We seek to offer the earth’s biggest selection and to be the Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they may want to buy on-line”. What this company has done is keep true to its first goal and added more to it. Like one mentioned before Amazon has expanded from being a national company to now having separate sites around the world. In 1998 Amazon launched its website in the United Kingdom and in Germany. The company not only operates its site but help other companies run their site such as Target and Sears Canada.   Amazon has been on top of the online retailer for the past 5 years.