Amazon Evolution

Amazon Evolution
Kristen LaCava
At first I was very unfamiliar with what exactly Amazon had to offer. I have used the company strictly for buying and re-selling books. I know that it is a huge site especially for college kids who are looking to regain money lost from buying expensive text books. I had never realized, nor would have imagined that Amazon was as big a business as it has become. After reading about how Amazon’s goal is to “revolutionize retailing” I decided to do some research and this is what I found.
Originally was strictly in the business of buying and selling goods such as books, cd’s, movies, and a few more items. With the help of a few investors and consumers across the company Amazon became an internet “community.” As the company grew so did the item list that Amazon offered. In just five years Amazon had managed over a billion in sales and was still growing. Obviously with success like this updates need to be made with systems, servers, management, etc.
Since Amazon only uses that ten percent of processing capability, it makes perfect sense for them to sell this space. Now Amazon not only is a site for buying and selling but also a major platform for companies as well. Amazon offers storage, infrastructure, technical, and logistics to the companies who use part of its online infrastructure. Amazon charges per gigabyte and per hour, letting other companies succeed but also getting a kickback. I think the biggest data management issue that might occur off a network this large is maintenance. Maintaining an infrastructure so large takes a lot of knowledge, data, and information. These three components will bill the make it or break it for such a large company.
Amazon started out small and has grown in huge capacity over the years simply because they have built an online community. They have taken what people want and need and given them a reliable network to obtain it over. I believe that Amazon is truly geniusin its mega...