Gavin Fagan
Kirk Mouser
Acting I – Drama
Scoring the Role

  My name is William and I am a Venticello. I have a wife and two kids, my wife is named Margaret, and my two children are named Wolfgang and Sebastian. I live in Vienna, in an apartment given to me by Antonio Salieri.
  I work for Antnio Salieri. He pays me to collect gossip around Vienna and report back to him at the end of each day. I also bring him food and drink seeing as he never leaves his apartment.
  I have a wife and a mistress, whom I see every other weekend of the month. We rendezvous at a local tavern, then I court her to many theater performances and my wife tends to my two small children. My fellow Venticello, Joseph, whom I met working for Salieri   have become great friends over the 5 years we have worked for him. My relationship with Salieri is strictly professional. I collect gossip for him, bring him necessity’s then go home.
  I want to know if Salieri poisoned Mozart. I want to know why, and I want to know when. Everyone is talking about it and I need to know if my own employer is murderer. He is such a good man, it seems impossible.
  My own doubt. Nothing is stopping me from believing this rumor but I know Salieri is a kind man. The only way to truly know if Salieri killed Mozart is to get a confession from Salieri
  himself. Claiming that he did indeed poison Mozart all those years ago.
    I can confront Salieri himself. I have heard him speak of Mozart asking for forgiveness but never expected it was because he murdered him. I will confront Salieri tomorrow when I give him the news around Vienna. I will tell him that there is word on the streets that he poisoned Mozart. Then I will know the truth once and for all